Virtual Art Class: Watercolor

Skill Level: Any

Join instructor Pauline S. for a fun watercolor project step by step! You will need:
-Hard work table or board
-Large sheet of paper: watercolor paper if possible
-Watercolor paints
-Painters or Masking Tape

If you don't have everything you need, think outside the box and be creative! Please share pictures of your finished works with us!

1. Tape down a piece of watercolor paper. I use blue painters tape. Draw or trace a circle in the top upper left-hand quadrant of the paper. Make sure you trace very lightly or erase most of it so you can barely see it.
step 1

2. With a paint brush, All use a wash brush, wet a little bit less then half of the top of the paper. Make sure it is quite wet but not puddling. With the darkest yellow you have load up your paint brush with paint. Starting at  the top left of the paper paint across the top in one fluid stroke. Mixed together some yellow and red to making deep orange. Starting at the top right side of the paper paint across to the middle. Gradually darken to a red towards the bottom of the wet part of the paper. It's great to have the two colors blend together.  With a paper towel blot out the middle of the circle.

3. While the paper is still wet use a dark color, I use purple or black, make some bushes and trees. They don't have to be perfect just have fun. Try not to cover too much of the sun. Let this air dry or dry with a hairdryer.
step 3

4. Now that the paint is dry you can go back over and add a few darker trees and bushes to bring some to the forefront.
step 4

5. For the water, use yellow and paint just below the sun, working your way down to the bottom of the paper moving back-and-forth as you go. Working your way outward on either side of the yellow, next paint orange, then red. Wet your brush down with water and blend some of those colors together. Pull out some of the red towards the outside of the paper making it pink. Next use blue and then wet your brush down and blend some of the blue together. Let air dry or blow dry.
step 5

6. Using a very small round brush or a script brush, paint some long grass in the forefront being
careful not to cover up the sun. And some of the long grass paint we eat at the top of the stalk. Add a couple of small birds flying in the background put one in the sun. Don't make them too big or too dark since they are in the background. They don't have to be perfect just do your best!
step 6

7. Finally, carefully take the tape off and make sure and sign your piece of artwork!! I hope you had fun and please don't forget to post your finished piece on the web site! 
step 7