HoHoHolidaysHo Ho Holidays with Rick Paul
Saturday, November 17, 2019 at 2:30 P.M.
Richard Paul mixes in music, kid comedy, ventriloquism, magic and a whole lot of audience participation. The kids will laugh when Frosty the Snowman can't remember the words to his own song. Giggle when Mrs. Clause says Richard has been a very naughty boy and do some wiggling and twisting with Santa's best buddy, Rodney the Rat, as he sings his Christmas song, the Ho Ho Twist. Ventriloquist Richard Paul's multitude of colorful wacky characters, goofy gags and Ho Ho helpers from the audience mix up a forty-five-minute batch of Cool Clever Christmas Fun that is a treat for the entire family; a show that will leave you laughing and wondering how those puppets were talking.